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For fast insights and decisions
Categorize up to 10 features using Kano
Ask up to 50 testers per study
Max. of 1 active study at a time
Basic features for study analysis
For deep dive analyses
€6.00 / month
Categorize up to 10 features using Kano
Ask up to 200 testers per study
Unlimited number of active studies
Advanced features for study analysis
Export data and download results
Share your results via link

"With Kano+ we quickly gain insights and understand our clients better, helping us to iterate faster. "

Jens Beyer, CEO HausspracheJens Beyer, CEO Haussprache

"Especially for resource prioritization we were able to gain comprehensive data from our very special target group. Important and crucial feedback!"

Andreas Lutze, CEO FriedhofsglückAndreas Luthe, CEO Friedhofsglück

"With Kano+ we are able to better comprehend our customer needs. "

Anna Loerzer, Co-Founder NestyuAnna Loerzer, Co-Founder Nestyu

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Usertimes is tech-driven startup from Karlsruhe, Germany. We help our customers to boost the UX of their products.


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